I am not a financial advisor, nor do I claim to be one. Any credit undertaken by yourself is at your own risk and failure to keep up with repayments may cause you financial troubles and make it harder for you to obtain credit in the future.

Income varies substantially between people so please make sure everything you do is within your financial and physical power and I do not take any responsibility for any actions or debt you undertake from this blog. This blog is for entertainment and recreational purposes only. 

If you would like professional advice, you may fill out a contact form below and we can get right back to you with the help and advice you want, however, it only does go as far as advice, since everything you do undertake, is your decision, with no liability to us.

All views expressed on this blog are opinions and should not be addressed as facts, unless stated as facts. All opinions are non-biased and are based on my own personal views and calls.


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