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Why the iPhone X is the Best Phone for any Travel Blogger.

As the world of blogging grows exponentially, just like this one, there is a lot for demand from bloggers for a multi tool that can do everything with just a tap, whether it’s just a payment, or whether it’s down to having a powerful analytic tool, or even a camera that can take incredible pictures, and most importantly, part of an ecosystem that promotes productivity. I believe that the iPhone X fits all of this, and in terms of my day to day usage, is an exceptional device to be carrying around. 

I wanted to share my experiences of using the device, and see how it fits in with my travels. 

Apple Pay

It’s hard to deny the existence of Apple Pay, since its the number one most used contactless method, and since it means I can carry my Wallet in my bag rather than on my person, it makes it safer to use when travelling. You can store up to 8 cards in Apple Pay, which almost eliminates the use for my wallet.

In terms of my UK Cards, I have loaded my American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card, American Express Platinum Card, the American Express Gold Business Card, the British Airways Premium Plus Credit Card, the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card, the HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard, the HSBC Premier Debit Card. I still have space for one card, but don't know which card to add next, since I'm waiting for MBNA to relaunch their set of airline credit cards.

When it comes to security, your device has its own number which the merchant sees, and a new code is generated each time to the merchant will never know your actual card number, making these payments a lot more secure.


It's hard to dismiss the impressive camera on the iPhone X, especially when it comes to quality. The shutter release is faster than it's ever been and the new lighting effects work amazingly well!


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