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Top 3: My Personal Favourite (somewhat creative) Ways for Earning Avios

Top 3: My Personal Favourite (somewhat creative) Ways for Earning Avios

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, redeeming points with Alaska MileagePlan seems to be the best bet in terms of redemption costs, but when it comes to earning points in the UK, Avios still takes the lead, given that it is the UK’s largest travel reward scheme. Though I do have a preference for MileagePlan, its hard to ignore and dismiss the presence of Avios in the UK, and given that they can be very useful for short haul redemptions (and some long haul), it’s worth keeping this program in good terms.

Avios can be earned in many different ways, and here are just 5 of my personal favourite methods: 

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard is one of the oldest supermarket loyalty schemes and is the only scheme which allows you to transfer points to Avios. Clubcard points can be earned through spend at Tesco, where you earn 1 point per £1 spent with Tesco (except fuel) and 1 point per £2 on fuel. Clubcard points convert at a rate of 1:2.4 Avios (or 1:2.5 FlyingClub Miles (Virgin Atlantic)). However, the official rate specified is 250 Clubcard points transfers to 600 Avios (625 for FlyingClub).

Sure it seems like a good bonus, but the real fun happens when you look at promotions. At the time of publishing this post, Tesco Direct are offering up to half price on NOW TV boxes, in addition to a 500 Clubcard points bonus. So to maximise this offer, I bought 16 NOW TV bundles at £12.50 each, costing a total of £200. Since each box gives me 500 bonus Clubcard points, I was able to earn 8000 bonus Clubcard points, plus 200 from the original transaction. This means, that from this promotion, I would earn 19,680 Avios, which is enough for a return Business Class flight to Europe (just pay taxes and fees//reward flight saver).

With Christmas around the corner, these gifts are relatively affordable, and are great little ideas, that give you a good return. If wanted, you could even try to sell the boxes online, which you can still generate a return from given that the boxes are being sold at £12.50 each, so even if you aren't VAT registered and you sell the boxes on, you can still make a small return, if you really wanted to. 

Gate 365 (British Airways)

Gate365 is British Airways' shopping portal and works similar to Topcahback or other similar sites. However instead of giving cash back, you get bonus miles for every £1 you spend. For example, I spend a considerable amount of money with Apple every year, and usually, they offer 4 Avios per £1 you spend. During promotional seasons, they offer up to 6/7 Avios per £1 spent. So let's say, as an average consumer, you're looking to spend £1,250 (£1,249 but rounded up for the sake of numbers), you would usually earn 5,000 Avios for this purchase. During a promotion you could earn between 7,500 Avios and 8,750 Avios. That's enough for a return flight in Euro Traveller or one way in Club Europe within the UK or to select European destinations.

If you combine this with bonus credit card spend, let's use an Amex card which earns 1 point/Avios per £1 spent, your total earnings would be 6,250 Avios without a promotion, or between 8,750 and 10,000 with a promotion. If you use the Premium Plus Avios Credit Card, this pushes the figures to 6,875 Avios with no promotion, or between 9,375 and 10,625 Avios with a promotion. It adds up quickly!

Other companies such as Pizza Express can earn up to 12 Avios per £1 spent and if you dine with them regularly, these benefits can add up quickly!

Promotional Signups

Every so often British Airways partners with a service that lets you get instant Avios. One such example is with The Economist, though the promotion has ended, it will definitely come back, and is a good way of buying Avios. We will make up the figure and use an approximate rounded figure to replicate a live example.

Let's say there are 3 subscriptions available, digital only, print only, or print and digital, the former 2 will be cheaper but give a smaller reward. The latter will be more expensive and give you a higher reward. 

These signups let you buy Avios for cheap, even if you aren't interested in the actual reading material, although you could gift the subscription, or start reading it! Also, using 'The Economist' as an example, due to the nature of its content, VAT Registered Businesses may be able to reclaim the VAT from this purchase, but as I am not authorised to provide financial advice, you should consult your accountant or a certified financial adviser to advise you best, based on your circumstances.


So all in all, these are three of my favourite ways of earning Avios. I'd love to hear about yours so be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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