Advertising and Merchandising

Regarding the Advertising and Merchandising on this site, we use a four key methods to generate income:

Advertisements in the side bar/header/footer of the website, which are shown through Google and AdChoices. If you find any ads you deep inappropriate, then please scroll to the bottom of the page and let us know which advert it is.

The other method is through affiliate links, dotted throughout the website, which can be for a variety of things, including products I may recommend, travel insurances or credit card promotions.

However, it is worth noting that all opinions of these products are entirely my own and are not at all influenced by any third party and clicking on any of these links is entirely your decision as the user and reader of this website. Any queries regarding this, can be addressed using the contact box below.

Also, donations are kindly accepted on this website, and all of your help and support will go entirely towards the making, production and enhancement of new and exciting content. Donations allow me, myself, to spend more time blogging, so you can spend more time reading the content you love. 

From time to time, we may sell items on this website directly, including wall prints, gifts and other related items. On this front, our transactions are handled through the Stripe network.

Thank you very much for reading this important information and I hope you enjoy reading the content on this blog,

Best Regards,


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