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A Little bit about me...

Welcome to my blog! My name is Pranav, and I'm an avid traveller, a points fanatic and also have a big fascination for taste, lifestyle and tech. So this blog is a mix of everything from tips and tricks to score flight upgrades, to simple recipes and ways that you can spice up your life. Of course, your lifestyle should match the way you travel, right? ;)

As a young child, I always had a fascination for aviation. When I was younger, my best friend's dad worked for British Aerospace and later went on to work for Airbus Industrie. He'd usually bring back posters and other things such as keychains, which made for huge additions to my collections!

We always used to travel to visit family, and I vividly remember doing so, I used to love it all, and we always used to fly with British Airways, who my family and I have developed a connection with. I somehow started to become an addict to miles and points and the next thing I remember, we had Executive Club Gold Status! Most kids probably cared about the new Call of Duty coming out every fall, while I was the oddball who cared all about those precious tier points! (All of this was done under supervision of a parent, however we did contact BA who were more than happy to sign a card under my name!)

Needless to say it did pay off, especially based on how much we travelled, we benefited a lot from some things, such as Fast Track and Priority Boarding (and now First Lounge Access (Galleries First)) and so far, we've met a lot of kind faces at British Airways and we aim to continue to travel with them.

Another little thing about me, you can probably tell that I can get off topic quite easily, but I still do try to keep it all interesting! I do have quite a chatty and friendly attitude, so feel free to interact with me in the comments below! I try to reply to as many as I can!

While I was at school, we had food technology classes, and usually all the lessons were practical. It was quite fun, we were let off on our owns to prepare, cook and serve our dishes me made (All under supervision of course ;) ) Then our food was marked out of 10 based on taste, texture and presentation! (Quite a bit for high school!)

We also had 'Masterchef' competitions in school. Essentially the best main course and desert (2 people) were chosen to be entered into the final round from each class and I somehow happened to be one of them selected! I then went on to win the best main course! And I vividly remember what one of the judges, (my maths teacher ;) ) said to me - "This has to be one of the best main courses I've ever had, it was full of flavour, the presentation was exceptional and I can't believe it was all pure vegetarian."

This was quite motivational to me, and I've always had a soft spot for food since then, and just appreciated taste that bit more. And I've always wanted to write up about food.

I would say that from a young age, I've had ideas and plans. I'm more of a planner then a doer rather than on the spot (though I can handle those moments ;) ). I've got a small part for minimalism and simplicity in design, especially when it comes to products, rooms and ideas. In those airport lounges, I sometimes think wether I could do a better job, and sometimes I'd say, if this was my lounge, that would be exactly how I would've done it, or I'd maybe have some more neutral colours, or reorganise where things are placed, because with anything an idea is key.

Some people don't really understand what I mean by that, and an example I like to give, is that there should be an order to everything, like you would put your socks on before you put your shoes on. By taking that simple action, and implementing that into everyday thinking, and such things like design, it really opens your mind as to what things should be like and where they should be. 

I think one company who know this philosophy is Apple, who currently capture all my money! But I'm happy to spend it with them, from the design and aesthetics, to core functionalities, all their products tick all my boxes, but for someone who used to work with Objective-C and now Swift, I think you can see why I like Apple so much ;)

Well I guess thats enough about me! If you're new here then welcome to my blog, and for my existing readers, well, I guess you know a little bit more about me now!


I usually post more travel blogs, followed by tech blogs, followed by food blogs, followed by lifestyle blogs. My lifestyle blogs are not as frequent but that could change providing there is demand.